i've already sent this out to most people i know but this is going to continue to blow my mind... this is a museum in Paris - Quai Branley and a really cheesy french botanist, Patrick Blanc has totally mastered the tropical hydroponics by coating buildings with a pvc facing then adding a sponge synthetic material on top of that. The irrigation runs between those two materials and the plants are plugged into the sponge to create something as lovely and amazing as the photo to the left. Check out http://www.verticalgardenpatrickblanc.com/

electric prune

I'm not sure what variety this is, but this little plum tree lives in Astoria and I am beginning to think it is really special for two reasons; one is that it has been fruiting like this for well over a month and two, I've never ever seen a plum anywhere in this city and with such abundant fruit! I was given samples to eat but never had a chance to taste but I bet this lead soil infused fruit tastes really amazing right now.
I'm not sure if greeks or serbs are the owners...but whoever is taking care of it is going to have some amazing fruit to cook with.


This is why I love creeping jenny...

The lime green cascading plant is called Creeping Jenny or Lysimachia and it is by far the coolest perennial ground cover I've ever worked with in the ground and in containers. If you want trailing; underplant it in containers and if you want a dense groundcover plant it in a part-shade environment and sit back and wait to be impressed. This photo is about one months worth of growth from a garden I put together.