Thank you Portugal

For inventing Caldo Verde

compost tea

from "Decoding Gardening Advice"... with some wise advice that I also believe; compost is good (great), compost tea is a total scam.



L Magazine

I've always despised this little pamphlet. Its been around this town as long as I have, 10-11 years or so. It's heavily fashion based therefore has been something I've always ignored - until this morning while sipping my morning coffee in the local coffee shop. It sat there taunting me. This weeks issue features 25 people under the age of 25 who are "people younger, prettier, and smarter than you." Alright L Magazine: I find this issue morally offensive - is this what NYC is coming to? This is fucking depressing. 25 people under the age of 25 who work in fashion or something fashionable???? (except A$AP who IS cool). I hope the anti-science Harvard douchetards who run this piece of shit magazine get a clue.


my new favorite mineral is Wulfenite

- from another mindblowing trip to the Museum of Natural History

awesome bird feeder

I felt the need to do some birdfeeder browsing after seeing some Junco's and Chickadee's in my backyard this morning. HOW FUCKING COOL IS THIS BIRDFEEDER??!! I'm putting it in my bedroom:


Herbnhoe Holiday Wish List

Just 5 Things...

1) A woman cave / hangout room made out of a Geode:

2) A lavender farm and / or a Cashew tree farm:

3) A house on Socotra Island:

4) A ham dinner in The Hall of Charlecote with all my friends and animals:

5) This Louis Sullivan Elevator piece (at this auction):