the last 48 hours

I just learned that it takes almost two full days and some night with 4-5 people to prepare floral arrangements for a wedding of 180. It was intense and I'm still feeling jetlagged but really looking forward to the professional photos.


my bag

on park ave:


what you could've been, little ones...


check out these beauties i found in the flower market last week- they're my new favorites and they smell like hot honey.



I've changed my address 3 times in the last 14 months and as of last week I have finally landed somewhere where me or at least most of my belongings will dwell for 2 years. Although I had to sign a new lease that includes "no farm animals" and I have an army of cicada killers living outside my front door - I think I might live in the most awesome piece of property in all of NYC. My own private bungalow:

a workshop / shed:

an outdoor space for me and my honkeys:

tin ceilings for me - southern exposure for plants: