Summer is here

The sun set at exactly 8:30 EST today. It's all downhill from this point on. Here are some summer jams to savor the season:


Paul Stamets coming to NYC

On June 22nd from 7-10p Paul Stamets the mycologist will be preaching about mushrooms at the New York Open Center. It ain't free ($22) but I bet it will be worth it. If you don't know Paul you should watch this.

all packed up with nowhere to go

i found this ivy on its face the other day - i blame the weather and maybe the BQE above:


Brooklyn Bridge Park

Does everyone know how awesome Brooklyn Bridge Park is? Oh, if you don't; the Juneberries are exploding, the blackberries are budding, every once in a while there is a Coot family hanging out in the shallows and at dusk the Swallows are swooping through the sky eating bugs. GO.