fall fruits

It's autumn in this swamp ass city: Golden Rain Tree on Columbia Street Brooklyn, Pyracantha on W 29th Street Manhattan, and a lonesome apple also on Columbia Street.



flower district seed pods

'tis the season for seeds pods - even if they are tropical! The first two are Datura (don't eat them, you will hallucinate your face off then die) and the last two are African Milkweed. I am in love with both of them:


my saffron is here!

i finally (it's been 3 months) received my saffron crocus bulbs yesterday. BIG DAY - test crop planting happening all over Red Hook starting next month:


hello pioneer baby maracuja

These passion fruit seeds have been hanging around my life for a while: originally from Ecuador, shipped to Brazil, graciously smuggled back via suitcase to NYC and finally consumed immediately minus a few seeds. They have finally sprouted!! If any fruit is produced it will be inside my apartment during the winter which will be challenging. These particular passion fruits are other-worldly delicious, one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth!


good night summer

I planted my cool weather lettuce, chervil and onions. I cut back a field of weeds (saved the pictured pokeweed because I love it). Although we still have until the 21st to officially say good bye and there's still like 2 months of great grilling weather, I can't help but feel how far spring is: I have blizzard dread. I fear that day in January when I'm utterly sick of eating root vegetables and I hate my rabbit hat.

Happy Labor Day.
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