Water Hyacinth

One of the spaces I work on has a fountain that we filled with Water Hyacinths. Although in the warm climates of the US and the world, this is a horribly invasive species (see link above.) But in a controlled pond or fountain I think it's quite cool and bulbous looking:

continued series: ornamental cats


caught in the rain

There's been some really amazing storms in the city lately. I've been caught in all of them either on foot or on scooter and managed to get a couple of shots of the clouds pre-deluge:

Vitamin B is good for your head - Not good as a bug repellent

I guess some people will believe anything but when it comes to mosquito's and esecially the mosquito problems in Brooklyn with the Asian Tiger Mosquito, the only thing that seems to work is: a) get rid of any standing water b) smokes cigarettes, burn fires, stand next to the smoking grill, or burn inscents c) drink plenty of alcohol (they do not like drunk smelling skin). Outside of these simple deterents, nothing seems to work. See the Sci-Times bit here.