Thank you Portugal

For inventing Caldo Verde

compost tea

from "Decoding Gardening Advice"... with some wise advice that I also believe; compost is good (great), compost tea is a total scam.



L Magazine

I've always despised this little pamphlet. Its been around this town as long as I have, 10-11 years or so. It's heavily fashion based therefore has been something I've always ignored - until this morning while sipping my morning coffee in the local coffee shop. It sat there taunting me. This weeks issue features 25 people under the age of 25 who are "people younger, prettier, and smarter than you." Alright L Magazine: I find this issue morally offensive - is this what NYC is coming to? This is fucking depressing. 25 people under the age of 25 who work in fashion or something fashionable???? (except A$AP who IS cool). I hope the anti-science Harvard douchetards who run this piece of shit magazine get a clue.


my new favorite mineral is Wulfenite

- from another mindblowing trip to the Museum of Natural History

awesome bird feeder

I felt the need to do some birdfeeder browsing after seeing some Junco's and Chickadee's in my backyard this morning. HOW FUCKING COOL IS THIS BIRDFEEDER??!! I'm putting it in my bedroom:


Herbnhoe Holiday Wish List

Just 5 Things...

1) A woman cave / hangout room made out of a Geode:

2) A lavender farm and / or a Cashew tree farm:

3) A house on Socotra Island:

4) A ham dinner in The Hall of Charlecote with all my friends and animals:

5) This Louis Sullivan Elevator piece (at this auction):


136 Park Ave

Has the most beautiful lobby light fixtures:

Things are weird

(honeysuckle in bloom 11/26 Brooklyn)

Everything seems to be getting weird lately; America, my friends and family, myself, my cat pooping outside of his litter box, and now the weather. I had a dream the other night that all of the Crabapples were in blossom in NYC. It was quite beautiful, flowers fluttering everywhere in November but I was fearful of a boring spring. I woke half satisfied this is something my subconscious is genuinely concerned about and half "fuck, it's 65 outside, this is terrible for bulbs and a recipe for an ugly spring." I hate the cold, but I wish Winter would hurry up and get over itself already.


Socotra Island

I am currently obsessed with Socotra Island. I don't know how I'm gonna get there (the only way in is through Yemen or Somalia) but it looks truly magical:

Morton National Wildlife Refuge

Amazing park at the end of LI island full of tame birds. Coolest walk in the woods, ever.



I took a photo of the house at 35 Cooper Sq last year because of its unfortunate steel bandaids and unfortunate neighbor. Yesterday, on a stroll down the Bowery I found the little federal style home disappeared with absolutely nothing left except some imprints of its body pressed up against the ugliest, douchiest hotel in all of the world:

More about 35 Cooper and the history of here.


fall fruits

It's autumn in this swamp ass city: Golden Rain Tree on Columbia Street Brooklyn, Pyracantha on W 29th Street Manhattan, and a lonesome apple also on Columbia Street.



flower district seed pods

'tis the season for seeds pods - even if they are tropical! The first two are Datura (don't eat them, you will hallucinate your face off then die) and the last two are African Milkweed. I am in love with both of them:


my saffron is here!

i finally (it's been 3 months) received my saffron crocus bulbs yesterday. BIG DAY - test crop planting happening all over Red Hook starting next month:


hello pioneer baby maracuja

These passion fruit seeds have been hanging around my life for a while: originally from Ecuador, shipped to Brazil, graciously smuggled back via suitcase to NYC and finally consumed immediately minus a few seeds. They have finally sprouted!! If any fruit is produced it will be inside my apartment during the winter which will be challenging. These particular passion fruits are other-worldly delicious, one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth!


good night summer

I planted my cool weather lettuce, chervil and onions. I cut back a field of weeds (saved the pictured pokeweed because I love it). Although we still have until the 21st to officially say good bye and there's still like 2 months of great grilling weather, I can't help but feel how far spring is: I have blizzard dread. I fear that day in January when I'm utterly sick of eating root vegetables and I hate my rabbit hat.

Happy Labor Day.
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Four Years Harvest

"For this is what we have been waiting for, this is what we have suffered for, this is why we are here at all. Not the ripeness of harvest with its promise of material return, but the exquisite, inviting, flowery growth of the spring is the farm worker's assurance that his life is not wasted, that he may stand by his creation and hold his head high in a weary world."
- Four Years Harvest; Frances Donaldsons little book about being a first time lady farmer in WW II England.