Hang in there

3 homes being turned into 1 on east 90th street:


terra cotta and pollution errosion

a strange thing happens to terra cotta brick when it's next to heavy idle traffic (BQE on ramp Brooklyn Heights):


US Customs House

don't go for the exhibits - go for the marble

Malus Butterball

My new fav crabapple.... disease resistant and big delicious fruit perfect for jamming.


visit to the printing press

Got a sneak peek at my new business card today (the 'd' will not be backwards) at the local Browne & Co. Stationers (211 Water Street). Doug, the print master has done such a quality job following our design, showing us multiple sets of proofs and giving us a mini tour today. Totally psyched! I highly recommend making a visit.


for the birds

a friend posted this on reader:

I made a more appropriate one for NYC: