These planters

I LOVE these planters that I saw in Red Hook yesterday - especially here in this environment - with all the weeds, broken sidewalks and general lack of order around these parts.


a practical 'green wall'

I see so much hype over the 'living' / 'green' wall things and it makes me angry every time because 1) they're not green in the environmental sense because they use tons of energy with massive irrigation systems and they're often designed with plants that need constant replacement and 2) there is still plenty of empty urban horizontal space that needs to be filled and yes, even in NYC. But this site in Hells Kitchen is simple and gets better every year; a 2nd floor terrace with planters full of English Ivy, cascading down along a wire trellis system along the facade of the building.


Mexico photo dump

In no particular order - a debriefing of our time in the df, puebla and cuernavava:

empty fountain in la condesa:

my middle and last name:

agave the size of my apartment:

the zocalo in df:

late night beef tongue tacos:

Pasita hole in Puebla:

rainy awesome night waiting for cumbia/chicha:


my new friend Maria in there on cello, practice in Puebla:

hello, welcome to my house in Cuernavaca:


flea market find

Wins in beauty and content. I want to frame every ad:


The most beautiful Clematis

Huge (like 5" dia.) Clematis 'multi-blue' on Joralemon in Brooklyn


every once in a while

i have to remind myself why i do what i do for a living - so i can cut things and put them in vases..
(birdcherry and dogwood)



WWI civilian food supply poster c. 1917 in my friend Dorothee's kitchen:


eine kleine spring music


Nice touch


off topic

I found my prom picture recently...circa the year after Pulp Fiction:


My bag

glass guards

I'm very into the glass railings that are on these two terraces. It would be very boring for me to rant about but this city is riddled with either too hefty or ugly terrace and roof railings. These are nice.


my Lovage

is coming back to me


My bag

has been very busy


A wonderful hunt...

From Jim Harrison's 'Bird Hunting':


287 Broadway still standing

A few years back, while walking I noticed this beautiful building being propped up by massive steel supports - what a depressing sight. I walked by it again yesterday and now it can lean on the project that cause it to crack in the first place. After perusing the internet it looks like a lawsuit shitstorm from the former residents of 287 and investors. Good, I wish the developer and all of its international investors debt and poverty.




I received many geological treasures for my birthday this year and I thought I should share some photos. I'm not sure I deserve such beauty. I love all of them. In no particular order:

brass and turquoise made by Emily:

agate and petrified wood:

Agate bookends:

Onyx bracelet:


accidental hydroponic sage

I keep my herbs in glasses of water until I use them up. This sage has grown roots over the last week - an unlikely plant to start rooting in water since it loves a dry sandy soil mix. This Sage has adopted me, so I will experiment by putting it in some soil.