Macoto Murayama

I've been obsessed with Macoto Murayama's digitally drawn flower guts. They are completely hypnotizing. See photo's here

Eastern Redbud

I usually don't have much to say about the Redbud except that it does well in NYC and is a reliable, shade-loving tree. But every spring when they start to bloom, they stop me in my tracks because of their unusual parasitic-like, clumping flowering habit. All the other flowering trees I know of bud out at the top of their canopy where the strongest light is. The Redbud branching becomes infected with flowers. These are located on Smith Street in Carrol Gardens.

Australian Black Bean

This is my new Castanospermum (Australian Black Bean). It's a little perverted but I love that bean. I'll like it even better when I get it out of the ugly pot:


wild world of arum

Thanks to my co-worker/colleague Danny, I am now a happy owner of a new, smelly and beautiful Arum Lily. This one won't be as dramatic as the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 'Titan Arum' that bloomed a few years back but I look forward to stanky flower show. Updates to come:



world of wild asarum

It's wild ginger(Asarum) bloom time and if you have a moist shady outdoor space and live in zone 5-7 the Asarum is a beautifully creepy border plant. Native to eastern Asia but survive very well in NYC and even better in a less polluted environment. I have good luck with Asarum Splendens(foliage photo below):

Iceland Poppies

This is my favorite flowering perennial purchase ever. With this insanely warm weather - our northeast nursery growers are getting a little crazy with their summer perennials and annuals. I couldn't resist these poppies though - and I know if we get cooler weather they'll end up falling on their faces. At least I have a picture to prove it: