indoor spring

budding hibiscus, budding pomegranate, leafing curly willow, and the phaleneopsis finally regenerating roots.


Oldn days

My mom, aunt, uncles, grandparents and some unknowns in a video from the early 60's in New England, Maryland and PA. Sadly, the cocktails, horses and tennis did not continue on with my immediate family...


eine kleine microclimate

If I were a piece of plant material in NYC and I could choose where to spend my life, I'd pick an eastern facing terrace, with a substantial structure behind me, blocking the winter western winds. The Pansies below live on 75th Street and will look like this all winter. It's a Japanese inspired garden but I'm hoping to convince my lady client that we could test some olive tree's for 2011.


Lifestyle Maxipads from Portugal

Let's eat some ramen and some ice cream and then go shopping!


What's for Dinner?

Just a little sampling of the many pictures and lessons learned on our great Christmas in Portugal trip. 'Tis the season of the pig in Portugal and we were part of a December (+/- 300 lb) pig killing. Lucky for me I only had to play the part of the video recorder - full of foul mouthed commentary. I'll spare the details but I look back on all of it fondly and I will probably still think about ham way more than most people but until grapes start screaming, I look forward to the wine season possibly come September:

the pig:


Rovello's (that we picked but didn't get to eat):

Chicken bbq in the smoke house:

the one on the right:

pig nipples (the only thing I did not like):


Blood with garlic: