the whole no sun and lots of rain thing

i believe this plum tree is infected with plum pockets - the gnarliest tree fungus i have ever seen. this is my first time seeing it and i am now worried for this tree and everything else horticultural and riddled with pests over the last week. maybe the soil will dry out and the sun will shine once again - but until then, i hope i didn't get ringworm from touching it:

(atlantic ave near columbia)

bag on hot tub


Suburban Water Gardens

There's this place in Dix Hills, Long Island that is so thrilling to me, called Suburban Water Gardens. It's a place to buy a pond, koi, tropical or hardy aquatic plants, and bonsai. It's worth a trip not only for the beautiful things they are selling but also for the the woman who cares for the fish and the aquatics. She is so beautifully obsessed with them and so good at her job that it makes me want to weep. If you're ever in the market for a pond or aquatic plants in the Long Island area, go here:


mix 5

here's a small spring mix. i've been abusing some of these tracks, listening to them on repeat day in and day out. (pardon the jabber at the end of track 12)




i went to a contemporary furniture show today for a meeting and afterwards while perusing through mostly shit, i found this credenza that i am completely obsessed over. the ornamentation to the left is all glass bead work.


best 15 minutes i've had all week

55th floor on west 29th street. it was atmospheric: