west coast

after a blitz trip to the san francisco area i came back with some great memories of friends, bridge drama and horticulture. i'm always impressed by other landscapes, especially ones against the charcoal sky and pavement of new york - at the end of winter. it's really grim. so here are some horticultural treasures of the city, stinson beach and sonoma that made me very happy:

sonoma grapes:





Local mushrooms from California and France!

wait...where am I again? Oh yeah, Wholefoods in NYC where the whole world is local:

Blewitt's from France:

Morels from California:

Wood Ears from California:


signs of life

Today from the street and 20 floors up: some results of a few days with 60 degree temps:


cat on box of clump moss:



rock, paper, scissors

bird bathroom faucet fixtures

i love accidental alliteration...and these gorgeous brass faucet handles, located in a all black marbled bathroom covered in hyper detailed brass elements:

shelter and landscape - redefined

I was totally taken by surprise from some of the amazing work at the Scope NY art show this weekend. These jpgs do the artists no justice but here's a little sampling of some things that had me thinking about the spaces we live in:

Jun Jinpyo:

photographer Asako Shimizu:

Tadashi Moriyama:

Evol (spraypaint on cardboard):