Four Years Harvest

"For this is what we have been waiting for, this is what we have suffered for, this is why we are here at all. Not the ripeness of harvest with its promise of material return, but the exquisite, inviting, flowery growth of the spring is the farm worker's assurance that his life is not wasted, that he may stand by his creation and hold his head high in a weary world."
- Four Years Harvest; Frances Donaldsons little book about being a first time lady farmer in WW II England.


I bought these by accident - thinking they'd be savory but to my delight they are the sweetest and most delicious little things and I am totally obsessed ... sweet spanish tortas glazed with olive oil, sugar and anise.



I LOVE ornamental concrete bricks. Maybe it's why I love Latin America or the 70's. I stumbled upon this building on East 69th street today somewhere around 2nd ave which has the entire lobby floor encased in them.


my bag

is going on a diet