Medieval Feast Menus 1380 - 1450

Moving sucks - always. The only thing good about it is that it forces you to go through your shit. I forgot about this little gem that I picked up at Kitchen Arts and Letters a few years back. They have lots of these reprinted food related booklets but this one was my favorite and I was happy to reflip through it today. Who's to say 300 marrow bones, 11,000 eggs and 3 tons of lard and grease is too much for a dinner party...let's pilfer this place and party like it's 1389:


I'm hungry

During times of stress and illness, I turn to god: Jim Harrison. I've been sick for almost two weeks and finally exiting my coma like state. Naturally, I'm thinking about what to eat. Little Jimmy has taught me so much about life (and food) and since the season approaches us I would like to note some of his favorite things: Calvados, Quail, Morels and Ramps(wild leeks). I mention these things because Ramp and Morel season is coming in March/April - it's a narrow window. Any tri-state area people who know where morels are - I want to be your friend.



Tis the season for planning and Witchazels. I went for a stroll to get out of my computer hole and was happy to find some Witchazel in bloom, the very neatly planted marsh grasses and the belly of the Brooklyn Bridge under construction. The Brooklyn Bridge park is one of my favorites because of the tide pools, the rolling elevations and the extreme exposure to the sun. If you are dying for a vitamin D fix in this dark winter town - go here on a sunny day.


no. 3, 18 songs

the winter will end soon, so will the music - but until then, i remain in a faze involving scrawny french things like Arnaud Fleurent-Didier and Alain Delon:


City Seeds

Lapham's Quarterly has an amazing article on urban tree's. Check it out before spring.


20 songs no.2

my last attempt didn't work out very well but i think this link does it:

scenes of winter

tiny snowflakes are falling, which reminded me:

(my dream car doesn't look good in the snow)


2 peregrine falcons

from earlier this morn: