I'm hungry

During times of stress and illness, I turn to god: Jim Harrison. I've been sick for almost two weeks and finally exiting my coma like state. Naturally, I'm thinking about what to eat. Little Jimmy has taught me so much about life (and food) and since the season approaches us I would like to note some of his favorite things: Calvados, Quail, Morels and Ramps(wild leeks). I mention these things because Ramp and Morel season is coming in March/April - it's a narrow window. Any tri-state area people who know where morels are - I want to be your friend.


Marie said...

Nice post. I have never read his books. But am longing for the West, so, thank you. Ramps, hmm, makes me think of field garlic...soon, soon.

JCZECK said...

hey marie! i just saw your favorite authors in your blogger profile - i think you will like him. i will recommend 'the raw and the cooked' as his best non-fiction and 'the beast god forgot to invent' as his best fiction.