Hovering over central park

I often forget what the seasons look like on a larger scale when I'm always stuck inside the nyc walls. I spent most of the day over central park and couldn't help but get distracted by the clump of flora that most do not get to enjoy from a giants perspective. I miss country mornings and afternoons but this seemed to get my fix today:


Frank Lloyd Wright and the Mayans

My second favorite man whose name starts with 'J'

Jim Harrison has a new book out: The English Major. I'm still in the middle of it, but it is (naturally) great. It's no The Beast God Forgot to Invent" but has the same feelings and more boner references.
I adore everything this man writes:



sometimes in urban outdoor spaces, the hardscaping takes priority...and it's usually done because of economic practicality
and upkeep rather than aesthetics. For many residential spaces with
backyards in the city people are stuck with concrete or hasty tile
paths, but this brownstone garden on the upper east side has some
really amazing work. The circular steps are concrete leading up to an
elevated blue stone tile circle for the main patio. I think this work
was done about 20 years ago and the concrete steps have weathered
really nicely, and could pass for some material on the steps of some government building in India...or some giant coins falling in place....or something. It feels nice and the concrete and bluestone mixed with the brick facing on the back of the house work really well together.

More Proof...

that fashion ruins good things. Well, I'm sure not all good things happen in Namibia...but the ghost house in this photoshoot would be cool, if the model and the clothes weren't in it. Once upon a time in the Namibia? come on...