I'm back and lazier than ever.

Well, I've been back now for exactly one week and haven't posted anything because I am at the height of my career and study in Laziness. BUT - after the wonderful extra hour of seratonin from day-light savings today, I am feeling inspired. So, I am back to posting and to start as my first, I'd like to mention this poor quality camera-phone shot of the sexiest and most delicious drink I've ever had. I've been meaning to mention this for awhile: Blue Ribbon in Park Slope is a wonderful place to sit at the bar and also order this secret drink NOT on the menu. If you sit closer to the raw bar and become friendly with any of the guys working the raw you can request an Oyster shot. Which is very simply... chilled vodka, 3 secret sauces and a beautiful raw oyster. If you're ever there and feel like spending some time (and money) be prepared to experience one of the best bar drinks ever created. More about Mexico to follow....

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