The best weapon for fungus and pests

This is the time of year for aphids and other disgusting pests in the
garden. I must say that whenever I see aphids on a plant, usually on
the flower buds or newest foliage, I get a gross feeling of malaise in my gut.
I really loathe aphids, the kind that feed on plants and the kind that
feed off bee's eyeballs. They are truly bad parasites and I love killing them.
I have been using this amazing insecticide and fungicide for over a
year now and highly recommend the concentrated version of Organicide
(link above). It works fabulously, although it smells a little like
salmon skin - it seems to do the trick for almost all bugs in the
garden this time of year and works great on powdery mildew. It's also all natural ingredients (hense the fish smell)

PS -
if you can find ladybugs for sale - they are the best aphid killers.
You also get live action satisfaction when you see the lady bug grab an
aphid and chomp on it's body for a few minutes.

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