Brugmansia and Datura Bonanza!

(my imaginary house)

I'm going crazy for these plants this year. Everyone and anyone who has an outdoor space should preorder one or go buy one from the local nursery in the spring. Brugmansia and Datura's are native to South America and they can be brought inside for the winter if you have enough light. They have incredibly dramatic flowers and are easy to grow...annnnnd if you have an nice evening breeze I guarantee you will be totally hypnotized by their swaying. They are poisonous so Park Slope Parents...keep your kids away. Plantage grows tropicals out on Long Island and have some impressive varieties, check here for local nursery listings of their products.


Liz said...

Hey lady,
I haven't checked your blog in a while and I'm happy to see so many new posts! I had to tell you that I am a datura freak - every time I see it I have to manhandle it. I love everything about it, the gorgeous and soft foliage, the short-lived flowers, especially the spiky seedpods. I am super bummed every time I see an article about how deadly poisonous it is (ahem, NYTimes Diagnosis column). Just don't eat it, fools.
Have a great spring, hope I see you soon!

Garden seeds said...

oh..great. nice planting of Datura plants. its flower are very soft and very attractive.its seed cover is also attractive very different from other seed covers.