I snuck this picture at a garden I'm not aloud to tell anyone about. It is a VVVVVIP client but I had to share the berries on this viburnum. The woman who takes care of this space is there every day and it's 2 levels of multi-themed terrace. There's a rose garden, a wild flower garden, various herbs and vegetables for the housekeep to use in cooking, a Japanese garden and a very old and shady english garden. You have to be rich to have an outdoor space this elaborate over looking central park and have someone tend to it on a daily basis BUT this viburnum only needs a part-shade backyard and some fertilizer to get these beautiful otherworldly berries. It grows soft, fragrant white flowers in the spring and it's also semi-evergreen so it will retain most of it's leaves during the winter months. One of my favorites.

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