landscape maintenance

maintenance is such a boring and unsexy word - but it's what i'm always bitching about. finally i read this!:

(from issue 33, Harvard Design Magazine)


Leon and Maria said...


I just stumbled over your blog. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an email address, so I’ll give this a try! Leon, my boyfriend and I, we’re both photo students from Germany, I’m currently living in doing an internship in New York and we’re working on a photo essay about urban agriculture. It would be great to talk to you or even take a look at your little farm, if that is somehow possible. I wanted to send you a brief overview of the pictures we’ve done so far (we’ve been to Roberta’s, BK Farmyards, Red Hook and Automotive Highschool and we’ll go to see Goodyoga in Greenpoint now, as they have a small rooftop farm as well), so if you leave me you’re email address or any way it would be nice to hear from you!

Thank you,
Leon and Maria


347 440 8581

JCZECK said...

hey guys - email me at julie.czeck@gmail.com