the Times atrium

So this is the squared off atrium between 41st and 40th St. in new Times building (between 8th and 7th ave) which can be seen and accessed from the main lobby area. I've been curious about this because the company I work for bid on this initial atrium project and also because I happened to walk by this giant ugly building more than any other giant ugly building in my life...so it's hard not to wonder about it. The tree's inside this little atrium are 50-60' tall Birches, and I happened to walk by on the crane installation day and they were looking alright, but I've taken on look on several other occasions and I would put money on the idea that 90% of the tree's are kaput. This is not the best photo - so I encourage you to walk by it if you're ever in the area, because this project sucks and it's kind of fun to watch this idea fail within this eyesore. The landscape architect is Hank White and it's $1million+ project and it does look really nice on paper and there are some very fancy selling points when you look at the details (http://www.hmwhitesa.com/html2004/index.html ) ANNND I know this is only the beginning weeks of install but judging by the rest of the building (meh) I look forward to seeing what the critics have to say.

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Carissa said...

I don't think birches in an enclosed courtyard are a great idea...An anonymous building's courtyard in Queens, which was planted by my anonymous company, also stuck a boatload of huge birches in the middle of an enclosed courtyard, whose only light/air source is the big giant opening in the roof. They've got practically no depth to lay roots in, and with the combination of stagnant air, crappy light, and wet, shallow soil, I predict they'll almost all be dead by spring. (Joy!)...Let's see which die first, the Times' birches or the loft-courtyards'. Ready, set...DIE!