list of things to look forward to in the spring (#1: Morels and Wild Leeks)

Now, this is all new and amazing to me; I've been reading alot of Jim Harrison over the past year or so and have completely lost my mind over him and he has definitely become a favorite. Many of his stories are based in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Harrison (being the raging gourmand that he is) will often reference food ideas and recipes, such as quail stuffed with leeks and sweetbreads (one of his favorites), or the one that I most recently noticed in The Summer He Didn't Die, the hunting and picking of morels and wild leeks for a dinner. I did a little research and found that the wild leeks are especially spicy and are found in early spring April/May from Appalachia to Canada (I'm guessing zones 1-8) and are probably amazing in so many dinners...pasta, game birds, lamb, yum! The leek seem fairly easy to locate and hunt, but the morel involves a guide book or person before you randomly hunt. I am also beginning to think that Michigan might be a special place for this, but if you're local and feeling inspired, this link has some useful connects of mycological/fungi clubs in the general tri-state area: http://thegreatmorel.com/info.html

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