Some people lost their minds the other day on Brownstoner about this before and after landscape job in brooklyn. It's a nice clean design with some gravel, birches and boxwoods - with a center wooden walkway and what looks to be a water feature running on the left. The initial comments about the space were pure aesthetic and then all of a sudden it becomes a "is it safe for my kid to play in that?" war!! It's entertaining and devastating evidence that many young white home-owning professionals in brooklyn have lost all sense reality. http://www.brownstoner.com/brownstoner/archives/2007/12/third_bond_week_1.php

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Carissa said...

Ok, I F'ING LOOOOVE this thread! Are these people SERIOUS?!
I especially like this comment, which I can only assume was NOT meant sarcastically:
"I only played outside at recess. Nothing at home could compete with what I found in books. Besides, grass makes me sneeze."
Oy vey, man, get a grip, or a life, or something!
You know who I feel the most sorry for? The Organic Gardener, Timothy or whatever his name is, because he has to put up with these people as clients allllll dayyyy looonnngggg. This poor guy probably just wants to make a decent buck while gardening a little & doing it in as "green" a way possible, and his punishment for such kind aspirations is "yes'ing" these customers till they get the boring, snooty aesthetic they so desperately need in order to achieve social acceptance and admiration...I take it back, I HATE this f'ing thread, it got me all fired up about everything that's wrong with NY these days. BAH! ;)