tacky development

This is just so amazing; Alot of people have already posted about the Argyle the new condo being built on 7th street and 4th avenue in Park Slope, but I walk by their sales office on 5th avenue almost everyday and I keep seeing the ads getting bigger with the same dumb slogan "it looks good on you." It amazes me that the Argyles branded-package-image that lacks any inventive thought is what is going to lure people into this place. The general nature of this project is just really horrible, the size of it, the general interior design choices, everything... but I don't even want to get started on that. It's the name and the images and the selling a 4th avenue location on 5th avenue is what amazes me. I'm just a renter and I definitely don't have any park slope pride so i don't really care about all of the crappy condo projects littered all over brooklyn these days but it's the tacky advertising and the sort of person it's marketed towards is what really scares me.

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