Liberty Sunset recap

I've been meaning to write about my recent visit to Liberty Sunset Garden Center in Red Hook and I've been slacking, but when I got a comment from an anon comment yesterday from old posting about the garden center it reminded me that I need to write about my new visit experience.
About a week and a half ago I had to buy a few perennials and annuals for a client in Brooklyn and I knew that Liberty had expanded but I must tell you, they've expanded into fields of greenhouses and perennials beds FULL of amazing things. It is like a true suburban nursery and the selection I left with was the best I have ever purchased in the city. So city gardeners, landscapers and other freelancers, kiss LI goodbye and definitely go check out Libertys new space. It's about time someone is putting up smart competion against Chelsea Garden Center. (It's not so easy finding the perennial, tree and shrub area but just head towards the key lime pies and if you don't see it by then just ask one of the staffers.) web link above.

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