This man might be the reason for the yoga and obsessive workout craze!

Of course being active and healthy is important but I hate when people have to talk about it. My least favorite conversation (that will only happen in NY or LA) is the one that involves people talking about "yucky" food that will make then fat or a conversation that involves how much one spends in the gym or a working out. These beautiful scans are from a book my friend Carissa gave to me and Jason. Slim Goodbody used to scare me when I was little maybe because he either has no penis or he tucks in between his legs. Besides that, as I was paging through the book I caught mention of yoga and all the gym class motivational speak that you can catch in your corner NYSports club. I still have more research to do but I think that in 1983, Slim Goodbody and his creepy noodle limbs, was the beginning of the boring and epidemic personal trainer life that this city lives in:

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maria said...

(picture #2)
bulimic maybe?