Summertime Demo(lition)

This has nothing to do with anything that I actually like, which introduces my new label in my lazy blog called: "A log of sloppily crafted evil."

The trees are out, the weather is warm, kids are almost out of school, the parks are in full swing... SO what's a city to do with a public housing park (Marcy Houses) in this lovely season? Demolish it and watch it collect dust of course!
I've done no investigating other than the internet and I've found no news, no plans, no nothing. I've witnessed for the last 2 weeks one lunching man, one back-ho, one dumpster and a large plain of broken asphalt. At this rate I give it 2 years. Although it looks like a rehab project and the tree's have been salvaged I'm suspicious of the timing of this project. oh and why is there only one dude working? Why hasn't it been broken up into sections? As if the bad transportation and the no grocery stores
weren't bad enough for this part of Brooklyn... sheesh

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