Why people have pergolas

I ain't proud of much but I sure am proud of this Wisteria on a roof deck in Manhattan. Wisteria flowers don't happen like this all by themselves. Most Wisteria's provide a half-assed flower show or no blooms at all...which is alright because they have nice foliage. BUT if you want this to happen all you need it sun and a good pruning in late LATE winter or very early spring.


Carissa Potenza (Greenspace NYC) said...

wisteria, great.
this: greater. a garden designed around the stuff that grows in the cracks of sidewalks...
check it:

DeKing said...

Pergola roofs with exposed rafters and colorbond roofing for that authentic Aussie look. Pergolas are an inexpensive way to provide shade from the sun and rain and provide you with an outdoor room in which to entertain. Adding clear sheets to the pergola roof will allow light to brighten the area and are high UV blockers.