Leslie Land and the NYT's annoying demographic

I really enjoy reading Leslie Lands weekly garden q&a but this weeks question is asking Leslie why she doesn't point out the dangerous plants to children and pets. Land did a good job of telling the questioner that it's almost impossible to do so because anything not edible and is planted in your garden will be harmful to anyone who consumes a large amount of it. I wonder what it's like to be so afraid and sheltered. I've been dealing with these sorts of parents since I've been working in the industry and frankly they're annoying. I have a poisonous plant for pets in my home and have never seen my animals eat it. I also think that unless your infant or toddler is going out alone in the forest or in a greenhouse munching on plants all day it's a pointless worry. My only advise is, get a grip and don't let your kids and pets play with or eat poison ivy.

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