The Schnabel building

Most of my last week was spent working on the 4th floor of the 11th street Schnabel house. Schnabel lives on the 6th floor and apparently most of the other floors are on the market from 15million to 32million and this space was sold to a finance guy who is now producing some films. The space is very impressive, I'd never want to live in it because the entire place is a bit of a Schnabel fest: only one elevator and an entourage of art assistants running around the whole place. BUT the place is simply gorgeous, with the old tiles and wood - beautiful thick cathedral doors. Whenever I sat down on any of the toilets all with terrace views and wind I felt like I was in a beautiful colonial town like Merida but unfortunately there just wasnt any good food there. Although the terrace views we saw were a little lame, the space we put together looked great and this is only temporary! Here's a couple pics:

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